What I’ve Learnt in 23 Years

23 Things I've Learnt in 23 Years - Lifestyle - Brag & Bone

It’s my birthday; my 23rd birthday to be exact. I can no longer sing that Taylor Swift song and I’m technically in my mid 20s. The thought is a little bit terrifying, but as I reflect on my life so far I’ve thought about the mistakes I’ve made and the wisdom I’ve gained.  So, with 23 rotations around the sun complete, here is what I’ve learnt; well the things I deem worthy to share anyway.

Your mum is your best friend. Seriously. Nobody will ever care for you, love you and have your back more than her. So keep in touch. Respect her. And love her with all you heart.

Push for your dreams. For there to be even a 1% chance of them coming true, you need to push for your dreams with every inch of your might. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer. An issue? I never wrote. But, just before my 20th birthday I submitted a piece of my work to an online tabloid and it was published, gaining over 100,000 views. Three years later, I’m currently in the process of setting up a local branch of one of the biggest university women’s publication in the world.

Don’t leave trying a new skincare product until the morning of a big event. You may laugh but I’m serious, especially if, like me, you have incredibly sensitive skin. It’s itchy, painful and no amount of foundation can cover such a disaster.

People aren’t mind-readers. If you don’t tell them how you feel, the likelihood is they’ll never know. Also, where feelings are involved, the longer you draw it out, the more painful it’ll be for you, them and everybody else even marginally involved. Rip it off quickly like a plaster. Trust me.

Dress for yourself. Nobody else. Just you. As humans we spend so much of our time trying to please others and to a certain extent that’s okay but I’m a firm believer that your style should be for you. Wear what makes you happy and use your clothing to express yourself fully and truly.

And, more than anything else, have fun! I may only be 23 but I’m the oldest of my group of friends and have spent the day being bombarded with texts and DMs calling me grandma and telling me I don’t have much time left. It’s ridiculous I know but in the grand scheme of things life is kind of short and we should make the most of every moment.

Peace and love, Bec

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