Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry, Not Sorry - OOTD - Fashion - Brag & Bone

Growing up we’re always told to ‘be ourselves’ but that’s often easier said than done, especially considering the unwritten but ever-present expectation to be ‘something’, whatever the hell that something is. There may be slight deviations but it typically goes skinny, blonde, tan, small nose, big lips, etc. Despite being told to embrace who we are, we’re subliminally brought up to be a certain person by our parents, by the media and by everyone and everything around us. And, with all these conflicting views constantly bombarding us, its incredibly difficult to believe that who we are is good enough.

As a result, I say sorry way too much. They say it’s just a British thing but I often find myself apologising for things that aren’t my fault. Somebody bumps into me in the street? Sorry. The server at McDonalds forgets that I don’t want pickles on my burger? Sorry. But, aside from the trivial encounters of everyday life I apologise when I feel I’m not rising to the expectations of my peers. This past week I went for drinks with a friend and as we were leaving he tried to kiss me. I turned my head away and immediately started apologising and trying to justify why I didn’t accept his kiss. In hindsight, it makes no sense. Why should I have to apologise for simply not wanting to kiss somebody? But I did. Over and over. Apologising because I couldn’t keep up with the expectations he had for the evening.

Sorry, Not Sorry - OOTD - Fashion - Brag & Bone

Sorry, Not Sorry - OOTD - Fashion - Brag & Bone

Sorry, Not Sorry - OOTD - Fashion - Brag & Bone

That’s where this jumper comes in. When I first saw it at Urban Outfitters, the stripes and text reminded me of a vintage Balenciaga piece I saw a while back and I snapped it up in an instant. It’s super soft and currently on sale for £22. I also love the phrasing. ‘Sorry, not sorry’ is typically considered to be sassy and people say it when they openly don’t care if their behaviour hurts somebody but I’m thinking about it a little differently. It’s about being who you are and doing what makes you happy regardless of the expectations held to you by other people. It’s about being yourself completely and unapologetically.

Sorry, Not Sorry - OOTD - Fashion - Brag & Bone

Sorry, Not Sorry - OOTD - Fashion - Brag & Bone

I wore it with a pair of slim-leg trousers in a grey Prince of Wales check and some white Air Force 1s from Nike. The silhouette is simple but elevated by bold, clashing prints. I shot this look whilst out and about in the Northern Quarter in Manchester and for the remainder of the day topped it off with a black puffer jacket. I didn’t expect to still be wearing such warm clothing by the end of March but it’s any excuse to be cosy is fine with me. It’s casual, comfortable and very me, unapologetically, of course.

Jumper: Urban Outfitters | Trousers: Brandy Melville | Trainers: Nike

Peace and love, Bec

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