A Glossier Product Review

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone

Back in October Glossier launched in the UK, finally making the cult status brand available over here and making my beauty-based dreams come true. I’ve never considered myself to be a make-up maven, always preferring a pared down natural look over a dramatic eye and contour. So, the beauty brand by website Into The Gloss with its ‘Skin First. Make-up Second’ mantra immediately took my interest when I first saw its perfect pink packaging on Instagram, long before it was available in the UK.

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone

After lusting after a number of Glossier’s products for as long as I can remember, the UK launch was incredibly exciting news and I was lucky enough that Santa gifted me with a small selection of them last Christmas. I have extremely sensitive skin and decided I couldn’t take the risk of messing with my skincare routine but have spent the past few months trying out the make-up I received and thought I’d share what I honestly think.

Boy Brow

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone

Glossier’s #1 bestseller, it would’ve been rude not to give the Boy Brow Grooming Pomade a try. It claims to thicken, fill in and groom hairs into place and, as somebody with brows still recovering from an over-plucking phrase in the mid 00s, it sounded like the answer to all my prayers. Overall, I’m quite impressed. It grooms hairs into place really well and my brows look significantly thicker, however I still need a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas. That being said, used in conjunction with my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Pencil, the effect is perfect!


A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone

The brand’s dew effect highlighter is another bestseller. Haloscope‘s dual-delivery formula features an outer halo infused with crystal extract for an all-day glow and a unique core made up of vitamin-rich moisturisers for a beautifully dewy finish. I purchased it in the colour ‘Quartz’. I really like the subtle sheen this product offers. It’s a lot less glittery than other highlighters I’ve owned, making it perfect for every day wear. That being said, the moisturising core perhaps does its job a little too well. It becomes sticky and almost greasy looking very quickly, preventing it from being a product that can be built up for a more dramatic look.

Generation G

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone
Generation G in ‘Like’ worn with a top coat of lip gloss

Generation G is a sheer matte lipsticked designed to add a hint of colour whilst allowing natural lip colour to shin through. I bought it in the shade ‘Like’ and am planning to purchase it in others as soon as my next student loan instalment comes in next month because quite frankly I’m in love. Despite being a matte lipstick, it’s also incredibly moisturising – a Godsend for dry lips in the winter. The colour adapts to your natural lip colour to create a product that suits every skin tone, even ghostly play complexions like mine.

Lip Gloss

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone
Worn over Generation G in ‘Like’

Pure 90s nostalgia comes in the form of Glossier’s clear Lip Gloss, a vinyl-like gloss with a glassy finish. It reminds me of the Lancôme Juicy Tubes I obsessed over as a pre-teen minus the terrible stickiness and it’s quite incredible, offering great hydration on top of a long lasting crystal-clear shine. It’s admittedly not the most versatile product, but in terms of adding shine, I’ve never found better, particularly not at such a reasonable price.

And with that, my Glossier review is complete and overall I’m impressed. Not every product met my expectations (I’m looking at you Haloscope), yet others far exceeded them. Perhaps most impressive though is the brand’s ability to create products that are completely natural looking whilst enhancing the face so beautifully. I can already see my bank balance significantly decreasing as I try more of the range.

A Glossier Product Review - Lifestyle - Beauty - Brag & Bone

Peace and love, Bec

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